Quidhampton paper mill; really…?

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One topic that has come up more than once is the introductory text on the welcome page, taken from Wikipedia:

Quidhampton was the home to a Royal Mint papermill. This is where the pound sterling derived the slang name “Quid”.

Graham Heeley writes:

I dispute that there was a paper mill at our Quidhampton; Quidhampton near Overton in Hampshire (just by Overton railway station) is the present site of a mill that produces bank note paper. I am sure this is the cause of the error! You can’t believe all that you read on Wikipedia.

So, does anyone have any definitive answers on this? It would be good to settle this once and for all. Wikipedia is often wrong about such things but being a community driven platform, it is up to us to improve it. The Quidhampton page forms part of WikiProject Wiltshire, a specific community project to improve the content on Wikipedia for Wiltshire. It would be great if we could make the Quidhampton page an exemplar of how great a village page can be! We could also write a short article for the new village history website.

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5 Responses to “Quidhampton paper mill; really…?

  • Albert Jack’s “It’s a Wonderful Word: The Real Origins of Our Favourite Words” says that while trying to debunk the story that the term “quid” originated in a Quidhampton paper mill, he discovered that the Overton Paper Mill, formerly called the Quidhampton Paper Mill, did in fact exist and lay between the villages of Overton and Quidhampton to the west of Basingstoke in Hampshire. It did produce paper for banknotes, and did so for several centuries, but wasn’t located in the Quidhampton in Wiltshire.

    Hope this helps.

  • That’s really useful information – thanks!
    The consensus seems to be that the mill is actually over the border at Quidhampton in Hampshire.

  • I live in Quidhampton Mill in Hampshire and understand that it was involved in the papermaking process and is quite possibly to origin of quid.

  • The paper mill was at Overton, The British government says it was in quidHampton . The answer is obvious .

  • Portals de la Rue, previously Thomas de la Rue operate Overton Mill who make paper for banknotes and have done so for centuries is actually located at the north end of Quidhampton, about a mile north of Overton. However, Overton train station is actually in Quidhampton. I worked at the mill on and off for several weeks in 2002 – more I am not at liberty to say.

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