Consultation on plans for Quidhampton Quarry

"Quidhampton Quarry from the air looking towards Quidhampton village" by salisbury asc

“Quidhampton Quarry from the air looking towards Quidhampton village” by salisbury asc

The chalk pit known as Quidhampton Quarry (just north of the village on the far side of the A36) closed in 2009 and the owners, Imerys Minerals Ltd, and their partners, S Walsh & Sons Ltd, would like to invite local residents to a meeting regarding future plans for the site.

Quidhampton Quarry has a long history of chalk extraction. Imerys Minerals Ltd, and its predecessors ECC, worked and processed chalk at the site and now S Walsh & Son Ltd, with the support of Imerys Minerals Limited, is preparing proposals that will enable the site to be restored. This will entail a revision of the planning consent. We would like to invite our neighbours to learn more about the future plans.

You will be able to view the plans, discuss the scheme and provide your feedback on the restoration concept. We hope very much that you are able to join us.

The invitation document is available here. Details of the time and venue are available here.

There is also a fantastic video by Darren Kidd of the site:

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  • Please can we have an ASDA? We have no large supermarkets on this side of town making us all contribute to the city centre and Southampton Road traffic! There are too many Tesco’s in Salisbury. Have you noticed how many ASDA delivery vans are coming from Andover to Salisbury?

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