Please excuse the Gremlins…

Unfortunately, the mogwai fed after midnight…

Apologies but we are were (see below) having a few issues with the website. The latest upgrade to our Content Management System (CMS) has introduced an incompatibility (in the jQuery library) which the web monkey is working hard to fix. He will not be given any more peanuts till the issue is resolved.

In the meantime, if you get a black screen when clicking on links, refresh/reload the page and open any links in a new tab. Links coming in from outside the website and links opened in new tabs are unaffected.


The web monkey has tracked down and fixed the immediate issue in record time (he has now been given peanuts).

For other WordPress users who may be interested, the problem is in the update to the jQuery library in version 5.6 which is incompatible with a specific plugin used on this site (Awesome Flickr Gallery). The bug was tracked down using the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin from the WordPress dev team which shows all calls to deprecated functions so they can be traced.

Issues have been raised on the AFG plugin GitHub repo so the plugin will hopefully be fixed but in the meantime, the plugin is disabled here. This means this site is now working properly again (yay!) but sadly the photo galleries are not working (boo…).






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