SID our new Speed Indicator Device

Speed Indicator Device (SID) now live!

The Speed Indicator Device aka SID in action, with one of his new friends from the Community Speedwatch team.

Quidhampton Parish Council are very pleased to introduce SID, our new Speed Indicator Device, who will be helping the Community Speedwatch team in their sterling work to reduce traffic speed through the village.

SID is a very clever box that not only provides a visual cue to traffic through the village but also collects (anonymous) speed data giving us a picture of traffic patterns through the village. This data will help us as we plan the next phase of road safety activities and we shall be providing summaries of the data SID collects here on the website, hopefully showing a reduction in speed as SID does his thing.

This location is just one of the locations SID will be found in the village moving forward. SID works best if he is regularly moved so traffic doesn’t get used to him being in one place and become complacent, ignoring his very important safety message. Importantly, his threshold for alerting drivers can be changed so he is just as happy in the 20mph limit on Lower Road as he is in the 40mph limit on the A3094. So do look out for him as he moves around, helping to make our streets safer.





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