Ken Taylor

I am a student of portrait art at Sarum Studio in the Close, Salisbury. That follows retirement after thirty years as an engineer in oil & gas with Shell living in the Netherlands, Far East and Gulf region. As a parish councillor, I try to help us keep on top of the opportunities to improve the social and environmental infrastructure serving villagers, and minimise the effects of the crushing austerity I see around us, and the shrinking state. One day, the present government will be brought to realise they’ve gone too far.

Posts by Ken Taylor

Quidhampton Virtual Art Exhibition 2020

Wednesday 15th July sees the launch of an Art Exhibition by Quidhampton artists. They couldn’t  hold it in the village hall, so have it online. It can be seen at Wiltshire resident, Anthony Connolly RP, Hon Secretary to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters called it “The quiet enterprise of an English village. So many people expressing
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