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Welcome to the website for Quidhampton Parish Council. Quidhampton is a small village on the western edge of Salisbury. Follow the links to find out more about what is here, what’s going on, to get in touch, or to find out about the business of the Parish Council.

See below for the latest news from the Parish Council and parishioners.

  • Quidhampton Parish Clerk Needed

    Quidhampton Parish Clerk Needed

    VACANCY FOR QUIDHAMPTON PARISH CLERK AND RESPONSIBLE FINANCIAL OFFICER Owing to the current clerk’s change of personal circumstances, Quidhampton Parish Council (QPC) is seeking a Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, starting 15 July 2022. This is a part-time job for a small community that could suit an existing clerk, someone with local authority experience, and/or business…

  • COVID and Parish Council Meetings

    COVID and Parish Council Meetings

    Due to the rising COVID cases in the region over the Xmas/NY period, and given the booster jabs roll-out is still underway, the Parish Council has made the difficult decision to cancel the public Parish Council meeting on Tues 11 Jan 2022. 

  • Annual Audit FY 2020-2021

    Annual Audit FY 2020-2021

    Each year the Council undertakes an audit and publishes the results. Here are the documents for Financial Year 2020-2021.

  • Lower Road Working Group – Update

    Lower Road Working Group – Update

    The Lower Road Working Group met with Wiltshire Council to discuss the proposed improvements scheme

  • Please excuse the Gremlins…

    Please excuse the Gremlins…

    We are currently experiencing a few gremlins. Please bear with us and read on for a workaround.

  • Speed Indicator Device (SID) now live!

    Speed Indicator Device (SID) now live!

    Quidhampton Parish Council are very pleased to introduce SID, our new Speed Indicator Device, who will be helping the Community Speedwatch team in their sterling work to reduce traffic speed through the village.

  • Climate Change Working Group established

    Climate Change Working Group established

    The Parish Council appointed a Working Group at its November 2020 meeting with the long term goal to help villagers achieve a net carbon neutral Quidhampton by 2030. The Terms of Reference for the group acknowledges initiatives already started (eg nature project, and planting in verges) and looks to address the big picture as well…

  • Quidhampton’s 2nd virtual Art Exhibition

    Quidhampton’s 2nd virtual Art Exhibition

    November 2020 saw the launch of Quidhampton artists’ 2nd second virtual Art Exhibition at www.quidhamptonwiltshire.com    Thirteen artists aged 15 to 97 are exhibiting their work for the enjoyment of villagers, the public everywhere, and for the benefit of Salisbury Hospice Charity whose fundraising has been hit by the pandemic.   This new exhibition shows new work done over…

  • Parish Council Vacancies

    Parish Council Vacancies

    Have you ever wondered how local government works? Would you like to get involved in helping your community? If so, there are currently three vacancies for Parish Councillors on Quidhampton Parish Council.

  • Quidhampton Photo Competition

    Quidhampton Photo Competition

    The White Horse, our village pub, are organising a photography competition, with the winning photos to be published in a calendar for 2021. The entry fee will also raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and the Quidhampton Nature Project. We want this to be a fun competition, to lift people’s spirits after lockdown. We also…

  • Quidhampton Nature Project

    Quidhampton Nature Project

    Some of our environmentally minded villagers have started a community project. The idea behind the Project is to build awareness of our natural environment, amongst children and adults alike, and to promote activities that support the enhancement of that environment.  Quidhampton Nature Project Do please go and visit their new website to find out more…

  • Quidhampton Virtual Art Exhibition 2020

    Quidhampton Virtual Art Exhibition 2020

    Wednesday 15th July sees the launch of an Art Exhibition by Quidhampton artists. They couldn’t  hold it in the village hall, so have it online. It can be seen at www.quidhamptonwiltshire.com Wiltshire resident, Anthony Connolly RP, Hon Secretary to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters called it “The quiet enterprise of an English village. So many people expressing…

  • Covid-19 Group

    Covid-19 Group

    A Covid-19 Group has been established with the support of Quidhampton Parish Council. You can find out more about the workings of this group on this new page which will be updated throughout the pandemic and for as long as the group is needed.

  • Lower Road Working Group – Recommendations

    Lower Road Working Group – Recommendations

    Following on from the previous report produced by the Lower Road Working Group (LRWG) looking at what might be done to improve road safety through the village, the LRWG have now produced a report detailing their recommendations. This latest report is available to read (see below) and will be discussed and voted on at an…

  • Lower Road Working Group – report on activity

    Lower Road Working Group – report on activity

    As part of the ongoing efforts to improve safety on Lower Road, Quidhampton Parish Council established a Lower Road Working Group (LRWG) at the September 2019 QPC Meeting to focus on the issue.

  • Annual Parish Meeting 2019

    Annual Parish Meeting 2019

    The Annual Parish Meeting for Quidhampton will be held at 4pm on Saturday 11th May 2019 in the village hall. This is a meeting organised by the parish council but not a parish council meeting. Following increased attendance in recent years it has been decided to hold the meeting at a separate time to the…

  • Traffic Consultation

    Traffic Consultation

    The Council are looking again at traffic issues in the village. To help with this, the following documents are provided and comments from parishioners are welcome; please email the Clerk with any comments (contact details are here).

  • Improved Recycling Service

    Improved Recycling Service

    From 30th July 2018 you will be able to recycle: Plastic pots, tubs and trays Drink and food cartons In addition to the usual plastic bottles and cardboard, you can include yoghurt pots, plastic trays, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs and juice, milk and soup cartons. These can all go in your blue lidded bin.…

  • A3094: June 2018 road closures

    A3094: June 2018 road closures

    The A3094 will be closed yet again starting on 28th June to complete the works started in 2017. The works are planned to run for 48 hours. Please note the works are now starting on 28th June (and not 26th as indicated on the mobile roadside electronic signs). The closure will be from the A36-A3094 Park Wall Junction…

  • Annual Parish Meeting 2018

    Annual Parish Meeting 2018

    A message from Clare Churchill, Clerk to Quidhampton Parish Council: The Annual Parish Meeting for Quidhampton will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 22nd May 2018 in the village hall. This is a meeting organised by the parish council but not a parish council meeting. In previous years members of village groups have been invited to…

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